Thursday, 27 March 2014

So who is getting married in sixteen days? Yeah, me! *jumps excitedly* Hahahah! 

The pressure is really on, alright! I am left to meet with our official photographer and to go for our final fitting next week! I can't believe this is it, I am going to get married! Hahaha. Okay sorry, because this btb is super excited, plus scared, plus sad, plus all the mixed emotions that I am having. I dont know if this will be my last post, cause honestly Ive been occupied and I am so busy! 

So, if this is the last post, please pray and give us your blessings. To those who I have invited, I really hope to see you guys soon! 


  1. oooh wheeeee~! advanced congratz to you!
    keep calm and go get married! hehehe ;)