Thursday, 27 February 2014

Our Love Nest (Updated!)

Beside our wedding, and our honeymoon, we are excited for our future home together! Its so scary that it is building like way too fast, and we have yet to get married. Some estimated my mid of this year, some end of this year. We both thought it be ready by next year, 2015. Oh, what are we thinking? Hahaha.

So yeap our home is already in the process of painting the exterior. Actually I think we both are in denial lah, we think we have more time and time actually wait for us. But we soon came to realise it doesn't only when 2013 was coming to an end. It goes the same to our wedding preparations! But reality is everything is going on soo fast that we have time to hardly breath. (Ok, exaggerate abit lah!) But this is it, our home insya'allah will be ready by end of this year, or not anytime soon, hopefully! 

We have yet to engage any interior designer company to ask for quote and whats not for our home. Our main focus as for now is our wedding. My boy promised me after our wedding we think on our dream home, so now can shake leg a bit before the real thing come! 

Anyway, both of us met with our friends, and nowadays we always talk about house, since one of our friend is getting theirs soon. Renovation loan lah, furniture lah, aircon lah, where to send kids for their pre school. Realising that we are now real, reaaal adult, with real responsibilities! No more crap talk like about parties, clubbing, or shopping or lepak talking about nonsensical stuffs. Scary or what! Hahaha. 

Okay beside all that crap. Since I am moving in with the boy after our wedding, do I pack now, or later? I still cant believe it I am really, like for real moving out from my comfort zone for the past twenty three years of my life! Good thing about moving in with my future husband, my future mother in law loves to cook, and she cook delicious food! Hehehe. Sad thing is, I probably miss my family like crazy. Thinking about it can just move me to tears! I cant wake up in the morning to pee, and see my youngest brother out to school. I cant yell at the top of my lungs anymore to wake everybody up since I am known to be a very childish and loud person in the family! 

I had this conversation with my boy before, and I always want him to promise me he be there for me every time. Yalah, I mean I am in someone else's home, I don't know how long will I be comfortable. I told him to be like my Daddy cause the only man who can wake up early to buy breakfast for me is my dad. I remember once in Australia, as early as five in the morning I had my monthly period, and I had no sanitary pad, and he willingly went down in the cold, walked around 5-10 mins to the 24 hours convenience store just to buy me that! So much details, but I have a strong bond with my father that makes it difficult to be apart from my family. 

Enough about that, and I don't want to be seen crying, Haha! I believe Ramdan is the one, and will not disappoint me in any way, even though if you know him personally he is so much of a pain the ass. Hahaha. 

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