Monday, 7 April 2014

This is it!

So what week is it today? My wedding week! Still feeling so surreal. Ive been receiving whatsapp messages from my friends reminding me its this weekend. Yes, as early as eight in the morning. I have great friends, no? Hahaha, kidding! 

Meeting with major weddings, checked! Huge relief? Not just yet! I have both great news and not so great. No doubt I am all excited about my wedding, getting married to my boy, to finally changed my status. Who isnt? I know my boy is going to be a nervous wreck when the time is near! I am too, just that insya'allah for me I can maintain my cool and composure. 

When I did my final fitting last Saturday, even my Mak Andam from Misyaz Bridal herself commented I am her easiest bride to be ever because I am not fussy and choosy and OK with everything. Hahahah. So whoever complains that I am fussy, you gotta be kidding rightt? But nonetheless, I am glad that I have did my final fitting and I hope I look at least pretty this coming weekend! 

Since I am busy with the wedding, I almost forgotten that we both have a flight to catch on the Monday. I have yet to even pack for our honeymoon, on what to bring, have yet to even exchange currencies. Oh dear! 

For my side, my parents has been helping me alot on the preparations. Thank God for having helpful parents! Evethough they may nag alot, they get things done, well parents are like that, arent they! Haha! My mother did my room all by herself which turns out to be so pretty. I have been sleeping in that room for almost two weeks already. Hehehe. On the other note, when I was about to go to work today, I saw my caterer 'parked' their big pots and pans already! So what does that means? I am getting married this weekend! Hahaha! 

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