Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Final Lap. (Or probably a few more to go!)

Yay nak kahwin already! It gets so effing surreal when these few days, weeks, everyone is commenting on me getting married in 45 days! Yes, forty freaking five days! 

Have yet to become a crazy bride to be who is bossy, runs around like an idiot and hate everyone so much. No? Hahahha. My days are basically of my daily schedule of work, and meet up with old friends. Speaking of that, I have a couple of friends who arent able to be there on my wedding day due to them being in overseas. I am upset, but its okay! They have send me their well wishes, and I am already thankful for that! 

I am left with collecting my baju nikah. We will be meeting with Kak Misnah from Misyaz Bridal for an appointment next week on our decoration! I have yet to make an appointment for my hair, my massage and have yet to print out the photo for our stand!

So here it is, forty five days left to our wedding. I have been getting congratulations wishes and i cant explain to you how happy and feel so much loving! hehehe. Till next time! 

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