Saturday, 15 February 2014

Love Me Tender!

Preparations for my wedding, is by far, doing good. I hope so! Well, my mother always keep on reiterate me to take serious note on my wedding. Do I not look like I seriously want to get married? Haha! Well, if you don't know my mother, or I may say most mothers are like that? But I believe their naggings are for our good too. 

We have met with Kak Misnah, from Misyaz Bridal to confirm on our outfits and decorations! It was so surreal that we are left with less than two months, and discussions are more thoroughly asked. Got influenced by the mother perhaps thus I kept asking this and that. But its always good to ask kan? Bak pepatah melayu, "Kalau malu bertanya sesat jalan." Isit? Hahaha. Yes side that, we have finally confirm our three outfits from our mak andam herself. And this is an honest opinion, I swore I melt when I saw my husband to be in his shirt, vest and blazer. Hahahah! 

It is all exciting really when you know it is indeed going to be near your wedding day! Alhamdulillah for the great relationship I have with my boy. He has indeed been there for me through out this whole journey with tons of patience. I could not found anybody more perfect than him to go through all these with me. Sorry lah side tracked abit cause I know of how much he spoils me and tolerating my nonsense acts! 

So this is it, with major wedding preparations all ready and going, I am only left with being a bride in 55 more days! This is happening way too fast that I expected. I hope everything wont go haywire days before or on that day itself, if not I probably will be pretty upset. Get it, every bride is pretty, and I be upset. Hahaha Ok nonsense, bye! 


  1. Hi babe, just randomly dropping by! Can check where you custom-made the car plate name thingy? Hehe. Thanks alot :)

    1. Hello dear sorry i just realised you've commented. anws Ive got the car plate customised over FB via Pretty White Veil.
      Go check her out, shes easy to work with, and also I am satisfied with the product!