Thursday, 23 January 2014

Exchange vows, well almost!

So, yesterday me and my boy finally went to ROMM to register our marriage. Being a very punctual person, I always stress on getting up early so that the day will run smoothly. Cant be help lah, if you know me personally, I will always am early or punctual. Never late. A habit I must say, but too bad my future husband is a frequent late comer who gets on my nerves all the freaking time! 

So I told him to fetch my father and me and he was 20 minutes late. Whats new. So we roughly reached ROMM at 9:30 in the morning. Yes, after much homework of how the process over at ROMM is like, I decided we need to be there early, cause I don't like to wait, also I would like to spend time more with my future husband. Hahaha. Oh why am I using the term 'future husband' ? 

Beside the terrible morning jams, the process of registering at ROMM was pretty fast and simple. We took our queue number, then we did not even sit down, and we were called up to the counter. Was asked to verify the documentation and all. When I called ROMM months before, I clearly asked the lady over the line if we were needed to bring anything for verification other than our IC, they said that wont be necessary. But yes, like I said, I asked around, read btbs blog and all, please remember to bring your pre marriage course certificates! 

So, after verifying and explaining the procedures and all, we were told to wait outside again to wait for the kadi to call us. By then, say 15 minutes later, there were 4-5 couples already waiting for their turn. So fast ah, people start lining up! Haha. So yes, after 1-2 minutes, my father went in, then followed by myself then my boy. We went inside the room individually, and it was a pretty much fast process. And no, no questions like we have to recite certain doas or whatsoever! Haha. 

The questions were standard questions like, " Awak pernah bernikah, awak pernah bertunang?" And we have to 'angkat sumpah.' As simple as that! I cant believe it we are already this far! I feel like crying! 

I don't know if this is common, but lately I have been extra sensitive, not that I am already a crybaby! I tend to cry whenever I miss my boy so badly. Like when I watch wedding videos or read an article about wedding. I can easily tear up like that! I am going to say this over and over again, it all feels so surreal. I am left with 79 days till we become husband and wife. And I still cannot imagine whats going to happen after I become a wife! Hahaha! 

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