Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Final Countdown! (Pantang Period)

As much as reality is that, we are left 95 days till our wedding, we actually have started our 'pantang period' when it was the new year. Why? We follow suit what the elderly advises us too. And amazingly, being a stubborn teenager, how did we both even agreed to it?! Hahaha.

Side that, today marks the eighth day I have not met my boy. This pantang was mutually agreed by us, just because the main reason it helps, to us is to save more money, since going out often cost a bomb! Definitely not easy! Only eight days, but I have been throwing tantrums at him twice already. But he told me in advance, this is all normal because the last pantang period we had before our engagement, was much worst. Hahaha. Such an idiot. 

There are indeed great reasons for pantang. Our Malay culture is well known for its custom and tradition. I know that some people do not find the need for pantang, cause they will definitely miss their partner, but that's the whole idea about it! To miss your partner till the big day! Hahaha. But well, to each its own. 

So I googled what are the main abstinence (pantang) there is in out culture, so here goes! 

1. Jangan keluar dengan bakal suami atau isteri anda 40 hari sebelum diijabkabulkan untuk mengelakkan tohmahan orang di sekeliling.
 - To refrain from your partner and yourself to be doing something 'not nice', maybe? 
2. Jangan keluar lewat malam atau berembun untuk mengelakkan unsur jahat atau sihir.
- This for me, I personally think its for the girls, cause ya lah, they say, tak manis anak dara keluar sampai lewat malam, kan?
3. Pastikan anda mendapat tidur yang cukup dan berkualiti iaitu selama 8 jam sehari dan tidak tidur lewat.
- I got reminded about this plenty of times by my friends, knowing that I work long hours. Was always reminded to have ample rest to look fresh and not be looking tired on your big day! 
4. Sebelum menjadi pengantin elakkan tidur di katil pengantin kerana tidak elok dipandang.
- I have never heard about this. But I guess, its probably because scared need to buy a new set of bed? Thus, it will cost more money. So, better sleep on the floor. Hahaha. Ok kidding, no way am I going to sleep on the floor! 
5. Elakkan berjemur atau melakukan aktiviti luar sebelum anda berkahwin untuk memastikan kulit tidak menjadi gelap dan kurang berseri.
- THIS! Have you guys look at my engagement pictures? We went to bali 3 weeks before, and my skin colour was so uneven, I regretted. So, no more playing in the sun. I want to have a fairly good complexion for my wedding! 
6. jika anda merupakan perokok digalakkan untuk berhenti sebelum anda berkahwin supaya kesihatan anda terjaga.
- This is probably because you have to take care of your health. So smokers, if you cant quit, try to cut down! 
7. Jangan terlalu kerap berjumpa dengan keluarga sebelah lelaki atau peremuan untuk mengelakkan fitnah
- Hmmm, I guess orang melayu kita just care too much about orang kata kan? Hahaha. I mean, I hav a great relationship with my partner's family. But oh well, shall just take note of it! 
8. Amalkan membaca surah-surah bagi mengelakkan gangguan syaitan dan dekatkan dri dengan Allah supaya anda mendapat keredhaan-Nya.
- Yes to this! My daddy never fail to remind me to keep myself closer to Him. Be a better Muslim, as I am going to be a wife soon.
9 Tiga bulan sebelum anda diijabkabulkan, amalkan urutan untuk menguatkan kembali tenaga yang hilang.
- Yes, and my first appointment to a massage that my mummy sponsored me will be next week! Hehehe, I mean massages really relax you down when life is passing by too fast! 
10. Belajar ilmu rumahtangga daripada orang yang lebih berpengalaman dan dapatkan petua-petua yang berguna supaya mudah untuk ikuti.
- Probably to get ready for marriage life? Like they said, orang Melayu kalau kahwin terus masuk dapur. And I actually do not agree with this, but as a wife, you must definitely know how to do the fundamental responsibility of a housewife. 
11. Jangan lakukan kerja-kerja yang berat sebelum berlangsungnya majlis anda untuk mengelakkan keletihan
- Part from being tired, I think to refrain yourself from getting into minor/major accident nearing to your wedding day! 
12. Jangan lakukan onani untuk memuaskan diri sebelum anda berkahwin untuk menjaga kesihatan diri. Untuk kaum lelaki, elakkan memakai seluar dalam yang ketat pada waktu malam.
- Be open, I guess this is to refrain your sexual pleasure. To get ready to 'taste' your partner on your first night. 
13. Jangan tidur secara meniarap untuk memastikan peredaran darah anda berjalan lancar.
- Just another health tip, I guess. 

Thats a little part of the pantang that I have found online. I believe there are a few more on why meeting less of your partner is actually of a good thing. But only God knows the feeling of missing someone, especially when tough times decide to give you a visit? I can turn from a perfectly normal girl, to a crazy ass bitch. Hahaha. Well, god bless both of us to overcome this.

Not that we arent meeting each other anymore till our wedding day. We promised to only meet strictly for wedding matters only. Is it me, or the time is ticking way too fast? 

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