Friday, 10 January 2014

Bridezilla, yet?

Don't you just feel tired, exhausted and all you want to do is to just sit next to your partner, having him in your arms, not saying a thing, but just knowing he is there, is enough to make things better?
Yes, I am in that state where I am going to go crazy with all these plannings! Its the last lap of three months, and how much to look forward for my wedding, I am more excited about my honeymoon! Hahaha.
Truth is, things are not going to be more easier than I expected when its like the final lap of the race. I am honestly scared. I am not a bridezilla, am I? I don't go around screaming at vendors, I don't do diy projects, and stressing about it, cause I  absolutely know I have zero talent on diy stuffs! Haha. Probably not meeting the other half is making me stress.
The constant thinking whether I could be a good wife, a good daughter still to my parents and family and a good in law to my partner's family! I cant cook anything, I don't find myself being able to do things my mother would normally do. Haha. Where I imagined myself having to share the same bed with another person. I cant have anymore pink room, or anything pink to my liking. Haha. What if one day we have a fight, now, all we do is just shut our phone and sleep. How do I shut him when we be sharing the same bed? Hahah. Yes, I am overly imaginative! Let's hope my future husband would be a nice husband.
Most of the days lately are spend on me working, not taking any off, cause I rather have myself working than to have any rest day, cause I probably will be an insane partner who will keep on ranting, and seek for attention from him. Hahaha.
I pray that I have the strength to go through these last few bits of me being a single woman! This is just a random post of me ranting on my mixed feelings and emotions! I cant believe we are left with 90 plus days! Mak aiiii, seriously, nak pengsan bole? Hahaha.


  1. Have faith my dear!! We are so close to the finish line, yet it feels like it's so far. There's going to be lots of challenges these last few weeks, and I've witnessed too many weddings cancelled at the last minute to even start counting. Always remember the end goal, keep your relationship with HTB, in-laws, your family healthy, and enjoy these last few days of singlehood! Good luck :)

    1. Hello dearest, you totally made my day! yea, its sad some weddings nearing to the date has been cancel due to some misunderstandings which would have possibly be resolved. i hope you too have all the strength and patience to go thru these last few months. and enoy your last few mths of being a single woman too dear! and enjoy ur last days of wedding preps! mwahs

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