Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Perfect Gown

Being in Singapore's Malay bride to be, we usually enquire bridal services which include the rental of our wedding outfits and the make up. I have never gave a thought about having my own outfits being designed and tailored especially for me. Other than the thought of forking more also pain my heart a little. Haha. 

But I have always dream of at least having one outfit for memory sake. So, let me just show how my dream wedding dress Please just entertain my 'berangan' moment for a while. Hahaha. 

Yes, I personally love the simplicity of Scha's nikah kurung! I am a very simple kind of person, and 'bochap' bride to be. I dont know whether its a a good thing or not! Haha. But, how laid back I am regarding about our wedding, I can feel the heat, and there are days I will stress about thinking of our preparations! 

Back to the nikah outfit, it is so simple yet gorgeous and so pretty! And I especially prefer my groom to wear as simple as mine. Not that the typical nikah outfits in a Malay wedding is not nice, but that's my own preference. As simple to see my groom in his baju kurung, and samping complete it with songok, fuuuuh, I can imagine myself being amaze at that such simplicity! 

Goood news? We have a generous individual willing to sponsor us for our nikah outfit! Trust me, when I was told I was being sponsored for that, I have butterflies in my tummy and couldn't stopped smiling to myself, even till now! I am more than blessed to have known such a great person! 

We both have bought the material, and have send to tailor and all! So, lets just wait for the final piece to get ready, which I totally cant wait! Yes, I am so excited for my own wedding already despite the much hurdle I have to go through. Sigh.

I promise I will update my blog after I get married in another 4 months plus and talk about my nikah outfit! Hehehe. Till then! 

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