Monday, 9 December 2013

Almost here

I dont know about those bride-to-bes, but I am not as kanchiong for it. I am not doing anything special for my wedding, it seems I put in a little effort to make this wedding happen! I am more of the kind where reality is much important than fantasy. I used to just only dream for a perfect wedding. But as days are getting nearer, all I hope is to get my wedding done and over with! 

Plans have been changed drastically. Time are so limited that days of me stressing over our wedding itinerary and not sleep are actually here! Yes, some days I am awake just to plan in detail on my itinerary, not because I am a perfectionist, but for the ease for everyone around.

But as for now, I am still much sane, thank you, if you ever did ask. Hahaha!This is just a short post, I am still alive, and kicking. I promise I will post more!

Till then. 

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