Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Last 149 Days of Singlehood

Reality check, its 149 days left to our wedding. I dont know why, but time sure does tick so fast and with that, we have officially booked our marriage online. It's so surreal, you know. So, at the stroke of midnight of 14th November 2013, we were at Tanjung Rhu to book together as a couple for our marriage. And side track abit, Tanjung Rhu has always been our dating spot when we were initially seeing each other. But its been months since we went there, to just sit and enjoy the air. So, yesterday was somewhat like a flashback to those problem-less days. Hahaha.

So yeap, at the stroke of midnight, we were already filling up all the details. For us, we have already standby one-two days before hand our own details, my wali, which is my father, and two of our witness,one from each side. Yup, this is in order to do things neater lah actually. I actually have to fill up every particulars 3-4 times. Firstly was I got confused about the payment details la. Macam tak celar cut gitu. Then I accidentally pressed twice, thus it jammed. Then following that, my fat fingers were too fast and also the connection was sucky. Hahaha. 

But alhamdulillah, we finally managed to successful applied, and made payments accordingly. So which Kadi we chose? I browsed through the amazing btb blogger, Farhana Kahwin Khronicles on her post about deciding which kadi, where you guys can go to her page here. If it wasn't for her, I could not show my boy which tok kadi to choose! 

Honestly, my first choice was Ustaz Ismail Bin Terimoh. Below are short clip of the man himself. For me he is fast, efficient and like a fatherly figure. 

And yes, I showed my boy a few of my choices of tok kadi, since, as usual lah kan, us girls, have to do the homework, and all they do is watch and judge and give the final say. Hehe. So, after showing him the link above from Kahwin Khronicles, he made his decision. I gave him the 'authority' to decide as I dont want him to be tense with any kadi. I want him to choose himself so he can be comfortable with whichever he decisions may be. And trust me, if you now him personally, I know he will be a nervous wreck! Hahaha

So, our official Tok Kadi for our solemnisation would be Ustaz Hassan Bin Salim. Yes, He was my second choice after Ustaz Ismail, for me that is. These two were my favourites between the plenty of great kadis. So yes, I am glad we have finally settled with this phase in our wedding journey! 

Videos are especially from Diziq Vidz motion pictures. Which are stunningly gorgeous. Bias abit cause I took them for my wedding whaaaat. Haha. Anyways, this is it. Now or never. May Allah bless us for the next 149 days together, insya'allah. 

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