Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Of Making Babies Plan

No, the blog title is just to scare you guys. If you guys know us personally, we plan of not having juniors of our own anytime soon! Not because of we don't want to. We think its best to settle down with our needs first, and to fall in love as husband and wife. Cheesy? Hahahha. Ok that is definitely not necessary. And I will blog about my future after wedding plans in another post. (If there is!)

Yes, we have finally decided and actually book our honeymoon location! Lombok it is! Is honeymoon really necessary, some may ask? For myself, and speaking for my partner too, I definitely think it is! We fell in love fast, and we did not have enough leisure time together. So, our main focus for our honeymoon is actually truly to spend a longer period facing each other during our "vacation" hahaha! 

But honeymoon is actually just anywhere, as long as you two lovebirds are together, having fun, even if it means spending your after wedding days at your mother in law place, heh ok kidding. We initially planned on many places, Hong Kong, Gold Coast Australia, Waikiki Hawaii, and we were so closeee to book Boracay and all of the other honeymoon options you can actually google! 

But despite me travelled to Bali 4-5 times already, we decide that Lombok/Bali will be an ideal holiday/honeymoon for us. We will be heading to Lombok for the first 3 days, like a relaxed honeymoon la gitu kirekan. Hahaha. So, we choose Hotel Villa Ombak for our accommodation. There were plenty of different kind of villas were available. We were definitely spoilt for choices! Its either a villa is near to a beautiful beach, but no other accessibilities for us to explore. And our choice has e characteristic of both, nice beach and great amenities. Since we both love to explore! Side that, I do not have time to search whats exciting to do in Lombok, if you have a tip or two do let me know! Hehehe.

Orang kate, walaupon kempunan Hawaii tak dapat, (yes, i cried hysterically with my boy! Haha) Lombok pon jadi lah! It look so beautiful that I am actually looking forward to my honeymoon more than my wedding. Side that, after 3 days in beautiful Lombok, we will head to Kuta, Bali for six freaking nights! I dont know why but I have always love Bali. Can never get sick of that island! 

We need to do Mt Batur trekking to see the beautiful sunrise! Yes, we defintiely will do that. How exciting, right?! I dont know about you guys but my boy has convinced me that trekking would be fun, or even anything, as long he's there, I will do anything, yes! Hahaha. So menyampah lah kan! I browse through videos and pictures of the trekking, and its so beautiful that I am wiling to go trekking on my honeymoon! Haha. 

And definitely river rafting is in one of our itenary in Bali too! Such plenty of plans, I pray and hope it will be as fun as we plan! Like I said, I am looking forward to spending quality time with my husband (by then!) I will update on different topics soon, cause if I rant about honeymoon it can go on forever. 

So, you beautiful people, if you have any tips about Lombok or even Bali, do leave me a tip or two, and I would greatly appreciate it! ;)

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