Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Our Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Yes, finally I have the time to actually write a post about these special people in our lives. If any would ask the need of a bridesmaid and groomsmen are form is to especially those who has seen us both through our ups and downs.

Since its already past two in the morning, I will try to make this a quick and much important post! Hehe. So, below pictures are the allocated gifts for each of the bridesmaid and the groomsmen.

We packed and gave a little box each to our sidekicks! Ive bought the boxes at Ikea. No surprise, cause I am definitely one who doesn't have creative genes instilled. Hahaha! Gifts given were according to the invites for the bridesmaid, which goes as below,
" To My Ladies,
This survival kit was made to say
I want you to be by my sidekick on my wedding day.
There are chocolates to give you a sugar rush,
A packet of tissue in case you should cry.
Lip gloss to help you care for your smile.
Mints to keep your breath minty fresh.
I’ve even put panadols in case you feel ill.
Also bandaids to help you tackle w your heels.
A complimentary top for you to dress up beautifully during my big day.
I have put everything in this handy pack so you know that this bride ahs got your back, always.
This kit was created so that you can see how much you mean to this Bride To Be."
I was actually searching high and low for a perfect gift for them. And this idea, I especially get it online via hashtags (it works,try!) and reading through btbs blog. I really hoped that all of them knows how much each of them meant especially important in my life. Okay, enough of being too emotional please. Haha.

Same goes for the groomsmen gifts. Initially we have no idea what to get for them. Yet again I have to highlight the wonders of hashtags via Instagram is so helpful! Haha. We include, a vest, two ties, an invite with a cigar attached to it. There's nothing extra ordinary about our gifts, as you can find it anywhere. Thing is, we would reallyw ant to give something 'different' but since we were on a tight budget, and we rarely have time, we settle for the simplest stuffs!
Anyway, here was whats written for the invites for them hunks!
" Over the years, our friendship has meant the world to me.
Popping bottles, get high and a jerk most of the time.
You name it, we've done it together.
I have found my happiness now.
As I am marrying my bestfriend, I want you brothers to witness it.

Your service as a groomsman is required."
And did I not tell you that my boy is very choosy and particular when it comes to anything concerning him especially. Yes, the wonderful individual who made our card is none other than Miss Hana from, "From Fran, With Love" I got to know about her existence of her fellow creativity WHILE I was reading Farhana's Kahwin Khronicles blog about her wedding invites!
Let me tell you, if I had not made my wedding invites, I would definitely chose her, for real! Nobody would actually took my order of printing out seven different cards. I expected that though, cause who wants to layan someone who only wants to print a few and taking up so manyof their time. Hahaha,
But this friendly girl has been very supportive and listening to what I need for these wonderful designed invites! I was actually shocked when I personally asked her if shes doing this alone, while having a full time day job. If it were me, I definitely could not handle all of these. Don't start on how creative she is! Haha. Yet again, I am super impressed on her job, and she actually already designed for my boy's the first draft, but my boy said a definite no as its not to his liking. When I had to liase with her, she was totally cool with it, eventhough I felt bad that we have to change the designs.
But please bear in mind and be a little thoughtful for the end product, slightly late, as I understand shes juggling it alone. So, please do not rush her. Advise is, try to message her once in a while, so you know what are the updates to your order like. Trust me, you will definitely love her end product!
Alrighttty, moving on, we went over to Simpang Bedok last week to have an official get together for our bridesmaid and groomsmen. Not according to orders definitely, here are the stupid faces of our much important people; our brothers and sisters!

Mat Noh
Wani Chemong
I especially love how they bond with each other, especially by making fun of us. Hahaha. Okay lah, give face lah. I am glad all of them are so supportive towards our wedding! Many more meetings with them in the near future, definitely!
Side that, we have received DVDs from Annette to choose 100 photos for the photo book she will be giving to us! Theres tons of pictures, I don't know which to choose, honestly! Hahaha. Need to get it done soon!
Was so happy it came to the mail last night and I immediately just tore the envelope! Haha. The boy has already let me to choose the pictures on my own. Most probably he is either busy or too lazy. Haha. And we have finally book our flight for our honeymoon!
One way ticket to Lombok, and we want to just stay there and be a permanent resident there after wedding. Not! Haha. Yes, Lombok it is. Since we both are like "orang laut" who likes nature and the sea definitely. Initially we wanted Hawaii, Wakiki Beach. But like I said in the previous post before this, our financial was tighten due to personal reasons, we had to postpone it! Its okay, Hawaii doesn't go anywhere, as long I know its with him, I am more than happy.
Having to fly to Lombok, on his birthday? He is definitely one happy husband to be! Hehehe. So happy to see him happy, definitely. Sorry lah, I have too plenty of love for this boy. Hahah.
I will update on our honeymoon location till the next one, hopefully! Hehe.
Till then, lovely readers!

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