Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Of Wedding Exchange Gifts Plan

For Hari Raya Haji last week, I head to Kuala Lumpur for the long holiday together with my family. Main intention for me to go out of Singapore is to search for our wedding exhange gifts. Senang kate, barang hantaran la kaaan.
So, I am glad to say that I have settled all the major stuffs for him. I shall save what stuffs were bought till after our wedding. Hehe. Same goes for my boy, he went to Macau/ Hongkong for eight solid days leaving me miserable. I am that drama, since we have never been apart more than a week. Since he is always concern about his bills whenever he's overseas. Don't even start on how cheapskate he is on sending me a text, whats more a phone call! Haha.
But we still get to video and voice call when we both were at diff countries! Thank God for the great technology! Well, both our agenda are the same. Like myself, he is there to find stuffs for our wedding! We are left with my wedding band, and I can safely say, yet again, we both have settled a major thing in our wedding to-do list!
Okay, so this is one tip I would give fellow btbs and gtbs. This is common, (don't know about you guys thou, but I get this a lot from my dah kawin friends!) to buy our wedding exchange gifts say monthly, so it wont be a toll to both of you guys! I honestly think its a great tactic/method! With the tons of monthly instalments to different vendors, plus having to buy all of your gifts all at one go! Woah, must be a lot! Hehehe.
But for us, since we both are always very extremely busy. And do not have the time for any weekend to go out on a date to just go out to Orchard and buy our wedding exchange gifts. We decided this short trip we would settle as much as possible, as that is the only time we both are going to have tons of free time!
I always advise people around me or btbs (oh there are some btbs, who personally being so sweet and whatsapp me, you know who you are!) that please prioritise yourself, be it financial, emotionally, physically. Do not follow the 'trend' or whatsoever! I am not being a smart aleck, but really. Do what is in your comfort zone. Nobody knows how tedious it is to work hours and hours, just to have a perfect wedding. People will talk. We cant stop that. Needs before wants!
This is just a random post, since I honestly think my space has been left unattended for quite a while. Excuse me! I will be up for a next post regarding my bridesmaid/ groomsmen meeting and gifts. I am meeting them tonight after work, to hand them over. How exciting! Till then.
P/s: Pictures have nothing to do with these posts. My pre wedding pictures are almost ready, and I will be posting it up every now and then just randomly so I can feel the love. You get me, homie? Hahaha!

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