Thursday, 3 October 2013

Of A Little Sneak Peek

Do you know the feeling of seeing your pre wedding/ wedding pictures? Exciting much, indeed! Trust me, after going through of what we are going through to prepare ourselves for our wedding, it is indeed such a relief and such soothing feeling. Especially when the outcome is so beautiful.
I think I blabber so much. Hahaha. But trust me, when I saw those pictures that Annette took for our pre wedding, the feeling is sooo indescribable! In a very very veryyyy good way though! So bless to have her as our pre wedding photographer all so much thanks to my future brother in law. Her works definitely exceeded our expectation.
Pictures below are the only pictures she showed us on facebook. Only four and both of us were go awwwwww all over. Haha. Too much exaggeration, I just leave you guys with our beautiful pre wedding pictures!
I have received good news about our bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts! This weekend, or whenever we both free we are ready to get them ready and pass them too! And I will definitely post about it here! So exciting!
Also, two more weeks, and both of us will be out of this busy city! For Hari Raya Haji he will be in Macau/ Hongkong. And I will be in Kuala Lumpur! Time to shop for our wedding exchange gifts!

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