Thursday, 3 October 2013

Enchanted Weddings Not So Enchanted?

So the "hoo-haa" about a particular wedding vendor who cock up a bride/groom wedding reception just about last weekend. I am sure most of us now know about the sad news. I was shocked for myself too. I mean, I could only imagine being in the bride/groom's shoes and then having to tell your invited guests there wont be any wedding cause your caterer cock up? Damn!

As most of us know they have already been in the news before for not turning up or simply have plenty of cock ups during the event itself. I am totally against this company of a husband and wife. There is no reason to take other people hard earn money of thousand, (READ: THOUSANDS!) and then not delivering a good job which is to the minimum standard. Come one, really. Don't make me start on religious amanah or whatsoever.

See pictures below for reference. Note: Pictures are not mine, I found it on the internet.

If you guys watched the video of the groom 'touring' the place, I mean come on. I know $15,000 is kinda cheap than any other vendors for that kind of package, but you have paid $13,000 already, you worked like a slave, and then  on your wedding day this disaster happened! Yes, there may be the caterer's stuff all over, but seriously, do you think its enough by looking at the amount of "paru", chicken, and the vegetables. Enough for that whole event?

Don't let me start on the drama the cook had and the excuse the owner gave. To me, honestly its ridiculous. Just so we all know that this is not the first time they did something like this. Ive read through, yes I was soooo into this matter, that I read through comments that were placed in facebook.
Some of their ex-client even stated that when they did their wedding event, there will always be something which will cock up. And even the bosses' parents and aunts and uncles and sedare and whoever they can find have to help cook. There's no need to explain what kind of food they deliver, cause duh! When my dad heard about this, he instantly gave this remark, " Ni police/law tak bole ajar. Kalau kena anak aku aku bayar orang bagi pukol and make sure die patah kaki and tangan." Hahahah. Yes my dad is so frustrated much.
Come on, caterer/deco companies are well to do people! I know some personally. And they earn more than 50% some even 100% trust me. So, there is no way you could cheat someone and give this kind of service with the amount of money they have deposited to you, and giving this kind of service as though you don't have much money in your hands when they have deposited a fairly good amount of money.
Okay, enough of all that. So how do we, us, bride to be, or groom to be even choose our wedding vendors? As common as it is, research, google, facebook search whatever search engines there are, just typed in the vendors name, and trust me there be a whole list of it.
Coming from an institute where all we have to do is research, trust me, everything I do, I loveeeee to googled it. Haha, Its like a habit already. Trust me, it do you good sometime. And yes, please do not forget to check the company registered number via ACRA (?) to see the company is real or not.
As a bride to be, I can feel how sad, devastated, disappointed, upset, angry, and all of the other associated feelings there is! Haha. I feel so sorry for them, really. My heart goes to them. Noone wants a wedding event/reception to go this way. No one. Except for selfish wedding vendors like The Enchanted Weddings Singapore. I hope they will do legal actions to them, yes. In the papers they say EW will also take legal actions, trust me they are just threatening you guys. I will never take in their crap stories. There is no logic to it.
They say everybody makes mistakes, first time is a mistake. Countless times? Taking advantage of people's kindness and make full use of it for your own profit. So evil! They say don't judge by feelings, but I am not judging this only based on feelings. I wrote this based on articles, comments by current clients, past clients and even future clients! If you cant deliver to your client, then don't fucking take up their order!
So please, we can only pray so ahrd that we have a great wedding. All of us wants it, But be very wary of such vendors. Till my next updates babies!

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