Thursday, 26 September 2013

Wedding Updates!

I am going to say this again, I am neglecting so much to prepare for my wedding, in all honesty. Truth is, I am scared. Physically, emotionally, financially and all of the other concerned subjects.
Being in love is easy, preparing for a wedding is not. Days where I broke down and cry are getting more in fact.

Lesser time were spend on having fun with each other, and its more of days where we will sit, counting on our moolahs, or discuss on what we want for our wedding. But I need to remind myself that this is one of the phase for us to go through together, hand in hand. No relationship is perfect. There are days we fight and argue like sworn enemies. But we always know better not to prolong our argument cause it is not healthy.

Last week me and my family went across the border to get some stuffs for my wedding. I was reluctant lor, cause like I said I do not like to waste. To me, minimal is enough. But Mama insisted to, she said, "Kau ni, budget-budget, biar majlis tuh buat senonoh sikit." Opps. Its not that I don't want to, like to me like its just a waste of money since most of the wedding stuffs I have to fork out my own money and savings.

So here are just some random updates on our wedding preparations that I can think of now.

Wedding Invites

We were supposed to collect it last two weeks. But then the communication between the nyonya and the company who print it like cock up like that, thus the delay. I have been calling the nyonya like every now and then to complain and nag, for it to be complete soon. I feel so bad, cause I don't like to shout or nag at vendors. Making me sound so mean. But in this I have to, cause its past the deadline already, and I am so furious!

Since they are located at JB, the nyonya offered us a free service to send our wedding invites right at our doorstep by next week. She better!


Since our bridal and deco is under one roof, its easier for us to communicate. But every meeting is focus on one important aspect. We just met Kak Mis (our mak andam) to discuss about our wedding dress or they say, 'baju pengantin.' I am glad to have finally decide on our attire for our wedding.
I don't know whether there's a 'time' to choose our baju pengantin. Because many people around us kept asking questions like, "What is the colour of your dinner reception?", "What is the colour of your attire for the actual day?" And both of us just smiled. Hahaha.
Glad that we have choosen the colours and designs that we are comfortable with. But I am pretty sure there be changes and different plans till the actual day,yes? Haha.
We also have chose colours for our decorations too! We will further meet Kak Mis to discuss about it next month together with Ramdan's brother.
Since my mother is the in charge of my catering, I am going to be annoying and pester her to pester the vendor to quickly confirm with us whats on the menu, how many chairs and tables we need, how the buffet set ups are and other matters concerning this aspect!
Somewhat my caterer like to say, "Takpe majlis anak awak masih jauh, nanti nak dekat kite bole bincang." How far away, is far away, makcik?! Hahaha. Really lor. Even my future mother in law called, she said the same thing since both of us are engaging the same caterer. I think I need to call the makcik herself lor, at least I know some things are settled on our side.
Wedding Cake
I have decided to engage one of my friend's mother for our wedding cake! I have texted him already to meet up next month to discuss more about what I want for the cake. I will blog about this once I have met him and his mother.
Bridesmaid/Groomsmen Gifts
All so far, so good. We have everything planned out doing well. Just a little slow on that to touch up for some of the final gifts for them! I am so excited that I really hope they will like it. Cause they are like both my boy and my lifelines! And I want them to feel appreciated and feel loved by this kiasu bride to be and groom to be! Haha.
Other than all that, I think all the major vendors like our photography/videography, henna, wedding car and et cetera stays the same. Nothing much has changed since most of the appointment with these vendors are only needed to be made three months prior our wedding day!
I think its good to be kiasu. I mean, having to cover our pre marriage course and pre wedding shoot already leave us with a huge hugeee relief! Things are so compact and packed. Especially since both of us are forever busy with work.
September is ending real soon! And October my boy will be going to Macau with his family. While my family and I are just heading to Kuala Lumpur for some wedding shopping spree! I need to list down and decide what  to get for the boy for his wedding gifts already. He has been giving me much narrow choices. Haha! So so choosy la he!
Till the next update, babies!
Much love,
Nuyul Aishah Parker,

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