Friday, 20 September 2013

Pre Wedding Shoot!

So, who says photo shooting is an easy work, you are damn wrong! It is so tiring, that I almost fainted on our first location. It was a full day shoot for the both of us. We had four outfits, and four different locations.
But I must say the weather was great during our shoot, cause I was scared that there will be tons of rain and thunder cause the weather hasn't been any good as of late. It was drizzling for half an hour though. But glad the sun came back as soon! The sun was too strong for us too in fact, as it has drained all of our energy by our third location.
My best friend, Cha was such a sweetheart who woke up as early as four in the morning, and head to my place to make me look beautiful. Love her work, eventhough she's scared of this and that. Hehehe. So we started our day as early as seven, yes. Seven in the morning. God bless us!
Annette, our PG was great! It was abit awkward for my boy and myself at first. We rarely even take a photo together, whatsmore having someone to shoot us! She learnt our good angles so fast, and tolerate us with our slow understanding of how to pose, what kind of face, how to smile and just anything! Trust me, it wasn't easy!
I am still not over our pre wedding shoot last week, cause even though it was one tiring day, we had tons of fun! We were so happy that one task off our main wedding preparations! Alhamdulillah.
Above are just pictures from my best friend's handphone. Both the boy and I are not over it yet cause we look so loving and beautiful! Not the kind of beautiful, beautiful. Like, they say pictures speaks a thousand word. Hehehe. You know what I mean. Now I cant wait for the real product to be out, and most importantly I just cant wait to get married!
Special thanks to my wonderful maid of honour who is there throughout my wedding preparation journey and all. Me and the boy appreciate it so much that we don't know how to repay your kindness, babe. Thanks for keeping me sane till this date so that I wont turn into a bridezilla. Heh!
Here's one sneak peek from Annette herself! Till then. :)

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