Monday, 29 July 2013

Sorry for my Absence!

I purposely decided to go on a hiatus since its the Ramadhan. I paused everything on my wedding plans just because it is too stressful. I thought why not this one whole month I lay low a little so that I can spend time with my family, and also to be a better Muslim this month.

But yesterday my prewedding photographer, Annette and I exchange whatsapp messages just to keep herself updated on what are we wearing! I have planned mine, but as usual, I don't know if this is a job of a fiancĂ©e, or a wife to be, I also have to plan for my boy! Double stress. And just so you know my boy is not as helpful when it comes to these kinda stuffs, because he is very reliant to me. He is always busy with work, thus I can understand that. And I promised myself to help him in these additional wedding preps on my own. Oh sidetracked, an hour ago, I accidentally raised my voice at him cause he sounded that he couldn't be bothered when I told him that we need to sit and plan on what to wear. Maybe because he just woke up from lunch time, but all is gooood. Cause I complained to him I cant possible be doing these all alone, and he promised to fetch me from work tonight, so yay!

So yes, then and that, I am now planning and looking thru pre wedding pictures and compiling it to show the boy so he has an idea. He can only understand things better, by visual. Hahaha. I have already told him what to wear, as for me, I have already ordered it online, but I need another long dress. And my boots! We both need to head to town pronto! So many things to get it done, but so little time! We are left with one more month to our pre wedding shoot!

This is just a random update, so as for you people to know, I am still kicking and breathing. Just wanted to relax a little la. Hehehe. Till my next post, babies! Enjoy the last few days of Ramadhan!

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