Thursday, 11 July 2013

Last Ramadan!

Insya'allah. If everything goes as plan, I be getting married the first quarter of next year. This mean this is the last Ramadhan that I will be with my family. I can be a rebel daughter, but the thought of it being the last always bring me to tear. My boy has been reminding me to spend it wisely every day till the day my father will hand over his duties to my boy. My boy will always ask me to prioritise my family as things after that will change.
I can somehow picture the first few weeks or even months after my wedding, my daddy will be calling me everyday to ask for my well being. Now only, every now and then he will whatsapp me, and give me countless of calls. Truth is, I am scared. It is scary to just imagine what our future as husband and wife will be like once we are married.
But I am glad my boy has been religiously fasting. Alhamdulillah. As days past, I am pretty sure God has heard my prayers to let my boy be closer to Him. As kental as I sound, I want him to be a good husband, and guiding me through all of these life obstacles.
I am now looking forward to spend my Ramadhan, insya'allah to be a better individual. So to all you fellow readers, Salam Ramadhan. And may this month teach us how to be a better Muslim, to take this challenge day by day, and without realising it Im pretty sure Syawal will come soon enough!

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