Wednesday, 3 July 2013

On A Random Update

It is not funny that our wedding countdown days are getting lesser day by day. I do not want to be a bridezilla when its getting near. We are left with nine months or so. But I need to constantly remind myself we both need to settle most of the important stuffs by this year!

It is pretty hectic and our schedules are forever tight. Our marriage course is this weekend. Fasting month is exactly one week from today. After that is already Hari Raya. Since this Raya will be a bit hectic for us, both me and the boy had a conversation which goes like this;

Me: This year Raya we no need couple colour ok. We just make do with whatever we have.
Him: Ahhh, good idea! No need waste money.

So yes, I think this year even if we go out visiting we be in different colours. So yeap, that is how budget we are! Haha. Side that, I have been brainstorming on what to get for my proposed bridesmaid and groomsmen. Thing is, yet again, I don't know what is ideally right for them.Can you any btbs help me on this! But Ive got some ideas. And I hope I can manage to present it to them nicely. Hehehe.
Side that, it got me thinking of what to get for our dulang hantaran. It is not easy, I tell you. I always tell myself this dulang-dulangs all is just additional present for both of us after our wedding. For our engagement we actually promised for ten trays to exchange with each other. I did ten, but my boy's side bam! More than 15 I shall say. BELAMBAK GILE. I heard under some makciks breathe on my engagement day it is 'membazir'. I cant blame that, makciks will be forever with their mouth to say anything, just ANYTHING on others ceremony.
My boy is going to Hongkong/Macau to get things for me. And I will probably head to KL or somewhere overseas with my mother to get our stuffs for our wedding. I have not start buying him things. And indeed, I should start every month since we are left with nine more months!
Other than that, I gladly can say we are done with all the major vendors and downpayment and monthly meetings with our vendors are good. Everything all is in place, and I hope me and the boy will have a stronger bond not squabbles with each other. I am actually looking forward to the marriage course this weekend, or shall I say, after the marriage course, me and him can go dating cause I took leave on both days! Hahaha. I hope we both could learn the essential stuffs towards our future marriage. Amin!

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