Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Marriage Preparation Course

I am not a morning person, and my boy 'independent button' switched off when he is not working in the morning. So, we actually were dragging ourself to this course because we thought our sleep was far more important. Haha. To add on to it, the night itself we had an argument, thus add on to all the negativity in the morning.

We were like the second last couple to enter when everyone was already at their sit. Oh by then me and the boy was alright already because I slowed talked with him to look at the bright side, and to bring back home something from this course.

There were three speakers; Mr Mohd Khair, his wife Mdm Suriati and Ustaz Jalil. There were a total of eight short modules. Each speaker roughly covers 2-3 module. The modules prepared were as basic as communication between couples, to the sensitive issue of sex, and the importance of financial. Also include how to deal with in laws, your parents, adapting to changes, how to resolve arguments and et cetera.

All of the speakers I must say knows how to deliver the message right to us. But my boy is a bit slow, because he doesn't really understand the concept of them delivering the speech in Malay. Every break time, I had to explain to him again. Hahaha. If I were to recommend this course to BTBs outside, I would! I personally think it covers a lot and highlighting the importance of what need to expect during the first to the third year of our marriage.

And honestly, my boy has indeed been more sweet after this course, and insya'allah not only for short term, but for the rest of my life. Amin. So below are some of the things we exchanged with each other during the course. Please do mind the language and vulgarities because that is just the way we are. Oh I shall warn you my boy's handwriting is much more pleasing than mine. So yeap, the uglier one is mine.
This was the first exchange of each others book. To be honest, I was shocked he actually included "btw ily" Mane tak nye! My boy have never say that out of the blue for me! Nak kene pakse baru cakap! Oh yes, you guys now know how forgetful my boy is. It need someone who has tons of patience to deal with this boy, really!
You can see by then, my boy had trouble understanding. Or either he acted dumb when I asked for a Chanel bag. But no, he really was sleepy initially. Haha.
When all other couples are busy checking out answers from their partner, I have to actually wake this bugger up as by the way he write is utter bullshit. Haahaha. We have already discussed long long ago, that once we are married, I am going to move in to his place. And ade hati lagik nak write down "Duduk berbincang" Confirm not paying attention this one. Haha.
So, you can basically know what kind of person my boy is. He loves, loveees to repeat the same question to me. Reason is simple, he do not understand. He take a longer route to digest everytime I say anything. Haha. And yes, since the initial stage of our friendship/relationship he know better that I can read him like a book. I think that is why he loves me because I am more caring towards him la. Hahahah. Angkat diri sendiri. Oh wells.
This just justify the above picture. Haha.
I personally find this very touching. Yes it is true when may be people around me see him as someone who doesn't show any love,. But you know what, I know him better, he is working so hard right now just to make my dream wedding come true. Hais, almost teared when I read this.
Truth be told, I do not know how to do any housework. The incident happened last Eid, when I was ironing his clothes, and his mother and nieces were the one who taught me how to iron! Three person! But please, don't anyhow shoot I am lazy eh, I am always learning and my future mother in law knows I do not know how to handle all of these, she willingly accept me ok! Haha.
Amazingly our "Love Language" was some what similar. I personally think we both are somewhat similar, so when the speaker goes, "I am sure you and your partner both have different view of your love language." I rolled eyes, because most of the stuffs we both had similar results. Hahah.
Our top two are
-Words of Affirmation
-Phsycial Touch!
I have been giving him words of encouragement every now and then, thus I think it is naturally fine for him to prefer those actions. And as a girl, eventhough rarely I get nice words from him, but when he does that, it is very much meaningful to me.
As for physical touch, do not say la. People must be thinking we both 'miang.' Hahaha. No eh! 
So, concurrently, if we both are having an argument, what do we do to resolve it with each other? Sleep on it! Yes, and me being a girl, at the initial stage of our relationship always cannot take it, thinking he doesn't give a hoot about this relationship cause all he do everytime we fought was sleep.
But I soon came to realise it is just him. The person I am marrying with, is just like that! And I don't know about you couple out there, but we never go with a fight more than 12 hours I must say.
That is what I love about him. He may never show his love to me, but I know he doesn't want us fighting.
This was the final module, and this got me laughing so hard in the class! We were told what we were supposed to do when we are put in a situation. All his answers were sex. Hahaha! Oh wells, when both of us is already halal I don't find it anything offensive. Haha. Btw he actually got the idea from his post in Instagram weeks ago.
What he wrote,
" Live our life to the fullest. Fuck others. We ride together,we die together. Love you!! You're the best ever!!!! We will ride till the end I promise!!"
What I wrote,
" Hahaha, Yes, once we're married we're going to fuck each others lives and live happily without giving any fuck to others."
Then and there, I think this course is amazing! How sweet can my boy be! The feeling where I was laughing so loud while reading the previous write up, then when I saw this, tears form in my eyes.
What I wrote,
"You will always be the best, my only one and we are in this together. Love ya tons!"
What he wrote,
" Like my idea right? We don't fight, we talk insyaallah. Everything goes smoothly. Sorry if I cant show my love during engagement days."
And again, look how matured can my boy be! This is far from his usual self. It is perfectly fine for me if our engagement days are tough, indeed it is. We have been busy most of the time, not spending enough time. But I know, by the end of the day, the day we will get hitch will be all worth it.
We ended our course by exchanging love notes with each other. Such amazing feeling to end our two day course. Other than the fact my back hurt so bad because I think I cannot sit for long hours la!
So, one major thing lesser to do for our wedding! I am so glad we both made it, and knew each other better. Insya'allah we will take all the positivity of this course and input in our first few years of marriage and may our journey to build this relationship be bless with plenty of strengths and willpower from the both of us.

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