Monday, 1 July 2013

All Stressed up.

Disclaimer: This is not a wedding post related.
Just as I did mentioned on my previous post that I am all occupied on dates and everything now is time consuming for me. I finally broke down infront of my boy! Yes, you know in those dramas where you tahan your tears from falling, and eventually it hit you at one point, and all you do is cry non stop. That was exactly how I felt.
Our budget went tighter now due to some personal reasons. And I know our financial stats have to be rearranged. I jolly well know. I don't know about you other BTBs, but since I am the financial planner between the both of us, I even did an excel spreadsheet for our wedding, which I named it "Wedding Budget 2014" Hahahah. Oh well, yes, I did every calculations and every expenses we are going to have along the way.
As I was showing this to my boy, he decided to just postpone our dream honeymoon to end year of 2014 instead of our initial plan. I can accept it, but the way my boy put his words, and actually preparing for it to come out from his mouth. Reality is harsher. I broke down. I completely lose myself. But I am glad I did. My boy took the time to actually coax me. Telling me we both are physically, mentally and financially tired. Promising me once we are married, he will never let me work so hard, spending time more with each other and just be together. I cried for a solid 20 minutes or more just like a little girl.
In all honesty I did not expect my boy to have the patience to coax me. Usually when I have my bitch fits, all he do is walk away and not talk about it. He made me see a different side of him, which I glad we did have the talk that night.
Bottom line is, there ought to be times where things will get hard, and even harder. Shit will be thrown here and there, and His test towards us is much greater. But these all will only teach us one thing; to be stronger, together. Who says being engaged was easy? It never is, and I hope you BTBs will have the strength and courage to overcome it.
 One thing about guys, (based on experience on my boy) they do not like to drag things. COme what may, they say. My boy's motto in life is, "Tomorrow is another day." I used to nag at him in our initial stage of relationship. But eventually I stopped. Everytime I do not like anything about him, or I want to change his way in a positive way, I will always talk to him nicely. And you know what, it works! So, a whole lot of gazillion sprinkle of patience plays a big part. Remember, when we are stressing, the groom to be is working doubly or even triply hard to have the hantaran money ready.
This is just my two cents worth based only on my own experience! Have a great week ahead, you lovely beings!

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