Thursday, 27 June 2013

Help Needed!

I am looking for these kind of dress.
I want the white dress's designs but pastel colours like the mint one on top. I don't want it to be sleeveless. Because almaklum la arm yours truly ni macam arm robbery. Hahaha.
No, really. I need heads up, opinions or better still exact answers! Where, any websites, any tailor who can especially tailor made dresses with the kain preferably. Because I do not have enough time to go here and there. I need it by September. And I hope I can get it like how I want. I would really appreciate your help! And not to mention I am a plus size, of size 14,16 or 18. Yes, my body sometimes follow mood.
Oh my, I sound so desperate! On another note, can someone tell me where to get ehem, cheap tailor made kurungs for like a few people, for like family yg nak pakai sedondon,and yes, with kain provided preferably. Personal email me ( or leave a comment at the comment box or my tagboard. Please do help if you know any hoots about it because I am forever busy and hardly have time to even spend on myself.
I would appreciate so much, and I love you forever!

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