Monday, 10 June 2013

Pre Wedding/Marriage Course

I don't know about the rest of you BTBs la kan, but I think I am a very much kiasu bride. I have booked my pre wedding marriage course already. I don't have many friends, thus what do I do best, to get answers? Google, blog hopping and research. And amazingly, many BTBs blog I have read are very much informative.

Its not easy to decide, because firstly, I need to take some things in consideration. My fiancé takes into consideration the location and the attire for that two day course. Also, taking into consideration we will be busy for our pre wedding shoot, his holiday to get our wedding stuffs, mine too, and also tons of other factors that add on to it. Hehe. And like I said, my boy is indeed a very choosy man. He must know every detail, even the teeny weeny bit.

The convo goes like this between me and my boy;

Me: Sayang, when you want to book for our marriage course?
Him: Anything. You just book. You know kan, I am always busy with work.
(after a few hours later,he is always w the same reason btw. haha.)

Me: I am going to book this and that. Location here. Price like this. Date like this. So you better don't overtime on that weekend.
Him: Eh, where? Got carpark or not? Then attire? Then parking charges how? Don't have at CC ah?  Got cheaper one in the market? Then, till what time? Then and then and the questions continue.
Me: There is a course abit cheaper, but location is here, and attire is as that. And at CC have, but abit more expensive.
Him: Ah okaaay. anything can la.

Yes, so you can basically know how choosy and how much of an 'inspector' my fiancé is. I have to face this everytime I make a decision about or wedding or our future. But when it comes to me, he doesn't need to ask me, just do, then later face my naggings. Haha, that's beside the point.

So here are the following websites you can actually go and register yourselves;

I think there are a few more other courses, but these are the main ones that I found based on my research. Hehe. So which one did I decide to  choose after much consideration based on my fiancé's much questions slammed at me? Haha.

I decided to choose Kasih Sejati. I have searched and read through BTBs blog, and recommending this course. So, like typical Singaporeans who listen to recommendation, I decided, this is going to be the course for both of us! No, not that other courses are not as good as this one, but after much consideration, (yes, attire, price and time for us)this is going to suit us well for now. But there was one particular one I read through a random blog stating one of the marriage course is as of no good. But I wont particularly say it here.

We were once young teenagers, who never liked participating in any courses, be it vocally, physically or mentally being there! Haha. I mean, different kind of couples go there have different mindsets, motives and aim. I haven't lecture my boy, to go there with an open mind and not to drag going there, because I believed that will be as hard if you are dragging yourself to be there.

I cannot help it la, I think I got the nagging genes from my mother, and I will always tell my fiancé this and that before we meet our wedding vendors or do just anything. And with no obvious doubt, I will always be the 'speaker'  for both of us. Hahaha. I will update about the marriage course that we will be going once I am done with that.

For now, I need to find ideas on my decorations, see you alls in the next post! heheh.

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