Thursday, 6 June 2013

Our Love Nest

I think me and the boy was lucky enough to get our future home. I remembered that we were actually contemplating to actually apply for a home together. Yeap, when we applied, I don't think we were an item yet! I also remembered that this is the way he so called 'proposed' to me. The golden question, "You nak apply rumah same2, since ade new opening?" HAHAHAHA. Wtf sia both of us, really.
So yes, the day we applied for our future home, we knew it was hard to even get, cos there were around 800 units, but we were like already the 1000th plus person to have applied for it. But you know, me being me, and all excited about this, cause like I said, this was like a proposal to be his girlfriend and future fiancĂ©e, and also future wife! I was really hoping to get it. Then sap! The letter came informing us  our queue number was near 2000. So, fat fcuking hope la kan!
But then we decided to apply for the one at Sengkang, and yes we got the first few queue number. We both didn't like the neighbourhood at Sengkang, cause to us its so ulu and nothing interesting nearby. But we reluctantly thought we could just go to sign and close the deal with HDB. But another letter came from HDB, informing us there were a few balance flats for the one at Punggol. We instantly decided it is going to be Punggol!
So on August last year we sealed the deal with HDB! Yes, both me and my boy are excited about having a home together. Who isn't, you tell me?!
So here is the plan for Punggol estate. If you can see mine is Waterway Banks.
Yes my housing estate; Waterway Banks is facing just along the stream of water from the park. That is why we think it is effortlessly gorgeous and the house is a must for us to get despite it being abit too costly than any other housing estate.
 Love how it is near to a beautiful park and thus the tons of plans with the boy and myself when we have a house. Yes, indeed we are very ambitious. Why? Since we are spending less time together now, so we have tons of plans when we have a home and a family together.
Despite the fact, it is near to Punggol end area there, and my boy love loveeee to fish there. So another plus point on why he rather have our future home there.
And me and boy countless times already drive up there and walked around the park, its like a monthly routine for us to go there and have a look. You know, I am always glad its him Im with, than anybody else. He may not say much, but I can see it in his eyes, he cant wait to have a home together. Okay, sorry sidetracked abit. hehehe.
As above, the number of floors that are already at ninth level as my block is 671A. Very much excited, and this is not including about what we want to do with our home. Don't get me started, cause I believe this is not the main thing to focus about! Hehe.
I still cannot believe I am doing all of these with my future husband! Yes, from wedding plannings, to buying a home, to getting engaged, and to working my arse off and spend my holidays working like crazy. Yes, all of these still feel so surreal. Like I said, I am glad it is with him, cause eventhough he is not someone who show his love, he never hit me, never made me cry and stress myself for no reason. Because I know he treats me well. Alhamdulillah.

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