Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pre Wedding Photoshoot (Of Ideas)

I decided to do our pre wedding shoot this coming September! Since my boy is forever busy with his work. Haha.So yeap, I do not have a theme for my own wedding. I am like a bochap bride and couldn't care less about having a specific wedding theme, or even colours. Okay, maybe I only know that my wedding should have plenty of pink in it! Haaha
Well, for our pre wedding, I would love to have this "Country Theme" for our shoot! When I met Annette, our pre wedding photographer, she told us, to think of something more like 'us.' Seriously, all I know is that we both are childish and messy. Never like those appropriate couples who can instantly think of a themed wedding pre wedding shoot. Like, if your fiancé is a pilot or you are a stewardess. Hahaha. But, an engineer and a waitress, how to click together, especially in a picture based story.
Other than that, I want this pre wedding shoot to tell others a story of us. I chose this theme due to how 'carefree' and 'different' we are. Different la sangat kan. Hahaha! Since my boy is forever with his boots (because of his work! haha) and he has an interest in boots too. Well, guys, for me they all are as fickle as we women are!
Following pictures to show an idea of what I want, or somewhat dream of our pre wedding.
Side tracked, my boy did told me once he wanted a 'drunk', kind of like after party wedding crazy party kinda photoshoot. But I told him cannot la. We no mat salleh. And plenty of heart to be take care of some more okay. Hahaha. But I kinda like the idea from him la. No,not because we all wild and suke mabok. But this is for memory's sake. Different from the rest. Maybe, one day. Hehe
Other than the fact, I think country boys are hot! Hahaha.


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