Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Deco Updates!

I think its already a routine to meet up with our Mak Andam on a monthly basis. Both the boy and us met her last Friday to discuss and choose our pelamin designs and colours. I don't want to sound like a kiasu bride to be and always pester my Mak Andam this and that on our wedding preparations plans. But we just have to!

We were supposed to be meeting her end of this month together with my boy's brother which is currently working in Macau. And he only come by here like once in a while. And he was supposed to come here end of this month, but sadly Kak Misnah(our Mak Andam) is busy with weddings. Sucks, and I feel guilty about it.

So, what did we choose for our pelamin, let start with mine first. I decided on the Roman Pillars for my dias. I am not a choosy person thus, for me its anything goes. Colour wise, as usual its pink lah. Haha. You guys should check out Iss Wedding Designs or Jss Deco for beautiful decos, I tell you. They do great wedding dias and decorations! I have my own reasons on why I did not take up them. But I always look through their pages and photos for ideas. 
You guys can check their facebook page here; JSS Deco or ISs Weddingdesigns. Below are some of their beautiful work as illustration and ideas for me.
Its such irony that I have never fancy Roman Pillar. Before this I thought it looked kinda bare and empty. But looking at pictures made me go aww and can only dream and hope my wedding dias will turn out to be what I want! Like I said, Jss Deco and Iss Wedding designs are superb. They do it so flawlessly and beautifully.
So which did my boy choose since I am having the Roman Pillars? Another kind of Roman Pillar for Misyaz Bridal itself. But its kinda unique and different as it has two poles facing each other at a different angle. Don't get what I mean, well let pictures illustrate it.
Its just like the Roman Pillars, but its kinda different. You should see it yourself as there are additional pillars at the back, and it can be reversed! Okay, talking about it is as exciting. We have fixed our colours and thus, not worrying about our dias for now, that is! Hehe.
You know I really hope it be an easy going for us. I can really feel all the pressure is all up to the middle of my body. Like I said, we are trying to get everything done with by this year. And I have no choice but to be a kiasu bride. But lucky for my vendors I am not choosy, just kiasu. Hehe.
The other day when I visited to my dentist, she told me to have a surgery on my teeth as soon as possible. Then I took out my calendars and I am only free after November. Then I realised, its really getting near. In all honesty I wished I could just break down and cry. But who is going to be there, but me, myself and I?
My fiancé is also feeling all the heat and stress already. Everytime we meet he will just keep quiet and I will always remind him not to think too much about the wedding eventhough its our main responsibility for now. Its funny that, I may know my boy for only two years plus, but all his actions and moves I can read like a book even when he is not with me! I think that's why he love me la! Angkat diri sendiri lagik lah, nuyul. Hehehe.
See you alls in the next post!

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