Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Let your hair down!

Thing is, I don't like to have my hair all bun up and all stiff with the tons of spray that will be use. No, it is beautiful. But thing is, I am self conscious and I don't think I look good with my hair all bun up and since I have 'fat' face makes me feel much more insecure. I don't want to feel like that on my wedding day eh please. Haha.

I like the kind of wedding hairstyles where its all loose all down with just a small veil on top of our head. Don't quite understand my chim explaination? hahaha. Well here are pictures to illustrate it.

I love simplicity at its best. Like this! Where all hairs are down and the pretty white veil made it look as charming as ever!

Since I am a pengantin melayu, look at all these Malay brides with this kind of wedding hairs! With flowers as the accessory making it look so elegant!

And I got this picture from Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures where I find this individual bride so stunningly attractive and gorgeous!
I know some people do wear hijab on during their nikah day, even my mother told me to lah. But me being me, and my fiancé is not keen on me wearing it, so thus, I don't think I look good with it. haha. That is beside the point, and like I always says to each BTB its own. Nyehehe.
I would love to be looking pretty on my wedding day, who wouldn't, btw! I hope that my mak andam is able to know what I want and give what I want. I don't like the idea of some mak andam only follow what they practise. There are some like that okay!
But yeah, I love the idea of a simple wedding dress, make up and hair.

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