Thursday, 30 May 2013

Money Matters

I don't know about other BTBs, but for me, eversince I am nearing my wedding day, things between my parents are totally heating up! No, not the fight, and all. But those misunderstandings. You know, one of my friend who already is mother now, advise us way before, when you go into the 'engagement' world, your parents, mothers especially are going to be sensitive. I laughed it off, but hell, I was definite wrong!

There are many other personal reasons where me and my mother were at each others throat. And I gotta sadly admit, I have made her cried twice because of this. Trust me, its not easy. I am also in the state of stress, but I also need to take care of my heart. But all things are best to settled by discussions. That's why my old man; my Daddy, is always there to be a peace maker between me and my mother. No, don't get me wrong, I do love my mother. But her naggings, Masya'allah. Hahaha!

I would like to touch on one thing; Money. My old man always taught me since I am young, "Money is the root of all evil. It does make you happy, but use it wisely." Indeed its true. Different BTBs have different needs. Dowry money. Who to have it, really? For what I know people may say that money is for the bride to give it to the parents to pay for the wedding expenses and all. Duit salam? Majority says its the bride's money.

Like I have said, different BTBs have different usage of their money. And as for me, I did had a few squabbles and high pitched arguments with my queen confirming who has which money. This is indeed an important factor and need to be discuss. So, one day, which was before my engagement, mind you, my old man pulled us three together and sit on a table. Literally, yes. Hahaha.

As per the picture above, his "tanda-tanda" for my dowry money is $10,000. If you think my parents ask that amount, no. Instead I did. But! I told my boy that money was meant to be our savings platform, together. Aku bukan nak terus enjoy $10K gitu je peeee. Hahaha. Before actually asking for that amount, I early-early asked my boy if he can manage that amount. Since he assured me, and Tuhan murah rezeki tunang aku, he got a better paying job right after our engagement. Lucky boy!
So, since me and him had already planned that dowry money to be our savings, time for me to do the duty to convince my parents that me, myself and I am going to hold that money. Not them. Including all the duit salam, I will take it. Greedy,much? Hahaha. As I have promised them I will give a specific amount of $$$$$ after all the majlis. They agreed to it. And then, we seal the contract. See, as easy as ABC. Righhhhhtttt. Hahaha.
Lesson is, to always discuss. Make your parents a priority in your wedding too. Its not always their princess is going to get married, right. Insya'allah it be only once in a life time.

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