Thursday, 27 June 2013

After Wedding Nightmare (Or Not!)

You know, I and everybody around me is busy with the wedding that I did not even think much about my future with my future husband. I mean, there are dreams la, but realistic ones were left like it wasn't important.

So what do you do after wedding? I know, some always says the typical 'malam pertama' and make babies. Like really, how many times could we make love and make many cute babies? Hahaha. That's beside the point.
Or we could all just hang our wedding dress in our wardrobe and it will mold until one fine day, while you want to move out, only you will realised that. Haha. But for me, I give back straight to my Mak Andam because borrow only mah. Heehehe.
Well, different people, or shall I say, different couples have different mindsets and future plans. I have always try my best not to judge, (well we human beings love to judge others live, cant deny that!) about others plan.
It triggers me when my Daddy asked me this morning before going to work. The conversation between me and my man goes like this;
Daddy: Kak, when will you be getting your keys to your house?
Me: End of 2014
Daddy: So, you will resign from this job on April and who will be contributing your CPF after that?
Me: Err, I will find a job before the month of April.
Daddy: Yeah. You better.
Actually I have already plan to do some job hunting a month or two before my wedding day. Thing is, I want to resign from working in FnB line is due to time spend with my husband to be. Nowadays already we will have to plan on when my off days will be, and when he cant overtime on my off days. Cause it be the only time I am free during that week, and thus that is the only time we can spend with each other!
I am jealous of those regular working hours couple who before wedding, and even after wedding having the luxury of time to spend with each other. But all of these were plan before I eventually decided to work irregular hours. Its not all about the negativity la, the pros are that we are able to adapt to the absence of each other. Lesser meetups means lesser money spend. I was scared initially cause bad experiences from exes, that when I work in FnB they were out cheating behind my backs. But I trust my boy. He will never do that. Cause he will only cheat with me with his sleep. Haha.
Once we will be legally be husband and wife, I am going to move in to my in laws place while waiting for our home to be fully done and settled with. I bet its not going to be easy. I mean, I have been living under the same roof with my blood relation family for the first 23rd of my life, and having to change the environment just like that! Woah, that is another thing to adapt to!
For us, what we plan is to create a bonding together as a husband and wife. As much as my boy and I love babies, we plan on not having one till we have our own home settled with. We want to explore the world and the time loss due to both of us busy working with each other. Like I said, this are only plans. We need to plan, righttt? Because I hate and feel uneasy when someone says, "Kau tak mau plan tk nak anak, nanti btol2 tuhan tk nak bagi baru tau." Hello, like I said, it is only our plan, we may have a change of plans along the way, nobody knows. If there's rezeki for us, we will accept it.
Bottom line is, plan! Whatever plan we have for now, may or may not come to us in the future. But from where and who I was brought up with, it is important and essential to plan. They say Plan to fail, Is a failure to plan eh? Hahahha. Do not get carried away with all the current business of the wedding bells, that we forget what or how our future will hold for us.
Enough of me blabbering! In the meanwhile, let me find ideas for my upcoming wedding to make myself feel at ease. Hehehe.

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