Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wedding Invites!

As a typical Malay bride to be, I assure you its not easy to please everyone. Its not only because its YOUR wedding. Its your mother, father, grandmother, aunties or whoever is going to poke in their nose inside your affair. I am not saying its a negative thing. But too much of it may cause you to be overly stress. And again, I don't know to feel easy or I have a couldn't be bothered attitude kinda family just like myself. I am handling everything on my own!
Okaaay, basically not everything. I let my parents handle the menu for my wedding reception as they are kind enough to sponsor. Hahaha. Other than that, I am handling it on my own. They do ask about updates once every month. But I think its better I have the opportunity to do it on my own. To think back, I was brought up that way. Just that now is a different situation!
Well to the subject above; Wedding Invites. Trust me, since we are Orang Melayu, the typical card jemputan will be as per below image.
Oh yes, I am a kiasu BTB. My wedding is in April next year but I have already booked my wedding invites. Nothing fancy, really. Because fancy means money, right? Hahaha. Mine is like those one A4 paper folded into three. If you get what I mean, hahaha.
So with this wedding invites in the process of being printed, I may be showing a sneak peek once I already have it in my hand. I think its probably going to be a bit later this year till I get it la.  I have one wedding invites only for my guests since my wedding reception will be made only on one day. But my fiancĂ©, has two! Kalah pengantin perempuan, I tell you. hahah. Oh, did I mention my wedding invite is in pink! heheh.
Since I am having a pink theme wedding, and following are just a few ideas for those who are keen to have their wedding invites abit more exclusive. Hais, too pretty. But yet again, I would not dare to even pay for that kinda price just for my invitation cards!
Yes. something like this kinda. where it can be fold and have three pages. But mine is horizontal. And colour is much more of a striking pink! Heheh.

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