Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Of Kahwin Bawah Block

I am not sure if I have told you guys this, but I have finally decided to just make my wedding under the void deck. I don't think paying way too extra for a venue is convenient for me, my family who wants to gotong royong and also I rather save that amount of money.
Yes, I did survey prices ranging from community centres, to restaurants to ballrooms. All cannot make it la. Like I said, I am one budget pengantin. Hahaha. And finally I have decided to just do under my squeezy block. Yes, no kidding I tell you, my void deck is abit cramp. But oh wells, I hope my decoration team can do a good job to make it a nice venue.
And yes, I have just finally decided to engage my Mak Andam to do my decoration and also my boy side too! I have always love those from Jentayu or FMWG. But like again, I told you I don't think it is as of any good for me since I don't have spacious venue and also I don't think bawah block don't have to be too overly decorated. Well, this is just only my opinions. I do understand some brides love to be just perfect. But I prioritise needs rather than wants.
And no, Misyaz Bridal Services for their decorations are not that cheap either. Mine cost near to $5000. I did a survey with many other service providers too, thus I am not really that shock with the price la. The boy and I finally just decided to choose her service for our deco, because since she is our Mak Andam, we decided to just do it under one roof. Very impromptu I tell you. Because I don't like the idea of doing package or what. But well yknow, like I said, I don't prioritise what I want, I prioritise my need.
Kak Misnah is a very approachable person. She listen to what both of us want and she will always give her opinions whether it will suit us or not. That's what we like about her, because we can click and talk things out easily. And she listens. Trust me, some of the other deco services from other companies I went to have a talk with only wants us to follow theirs.
Following are pictures for our wedding theme. I will start with my boy. He is Black, White and a touch of gold for the classy touch up.
He opted for straight wedding tables and since we are going to have dinner at his side. We have already asked Kak Mis to actually set up candles, fresh flowers as the centrepieces. During our wedding dinner, we be having 'makan hidang' means guests who are going to be there is going to be served rather than buffet. So we have asked Kak Misnah set up a menu holder.
Plan is to transform both wedding dinner and sanding day to totally two difference ambiance on our guest tables. Plus my future brother in law has decided to add in some personal DIY stuffs for our dinner. Damn, talking about it made me all excited, but I don't want to pin hopes too high as I know I can be disappointed.
And as for me, being the typical girl as I am, I am going for just a simple pink wedding.
One thing about me is that I am not particularly choosy. And as long I have what I want, I am glad. So for my wedding deco, I want the kinda soft pink theme and very outstanding centre pieces. Don't want it to be too pink as I know not too many people could stand too much of pink in a place.
Hais, looking at all these pictures are just too too pretty. Me can only dream and imagine. I don't expect much, to even this kind of standard with the amount I am paying and for under the void deck venue. But I hope my Mak Andam can let me fantasize well on my wedding day!


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