Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pantang Period

Some may ask do anybody still follow suit the 'Pantang' period for the bride and groom to be. Pantang means they are not allowed to meet each other for a time frame. And trust me there is still those pantang where the BTB is not allowed to look at the mirror, to wear any make up, to even take a picture.

Guilty as it is, I am one of them. Since my future mother in law is "orang lama-lama," both me and my boy have to follow suit. Trust me it definitely ain't easy. Before we got engaged, we were supposed to have a one month probation period of not meeting each other. But since we are "kepala batu" we actually went to Bali together before our engagement. Straight away after touched down to Singapore, we decided not to meet. Hell, I tell you. Hahaha.

Before our engagement we were inseparable. We meet almost everyday. Don't know ah why. Bukannye tuning aku ni sweet mane pon kan. Haha. Well, besides that, it was fine for a week plus. But it gets harder after that. I started to throw tantrums and all. Fight like maciam world war gitu. Exaggerating, I know. But I pity him because he has to handle my bitch fits during the probation period.

And for our upcoming wedding, guess how long his mother put us on probation? THREE FREAKING MONTHS! YES, T-H-R-E-E! Okayyyy, I exaggerate abit with the bold fonts. hahaha. I think we wont really follow three, but maybe two months plus, but STILL! That is one of the main reason why I am preparing my wedding all in advance. You don't know how stress it is to have the dateline wayyy before. And my dateline is to cover everything by this December.

I think I can still control my anxiety and stress. But I think my boy is turning to a groom-nosaur soon! He has been all stressed up eversince it hits the one year mark already! God, please bless us.

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