Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wedding Cakes

Since I guess I have confirmed with myself that my theme for my wedding is a "Pink Wedding," I shall now continue my search for the perfect wedding cake! Well, I have never liked the term perfect. Lets just call it dream. Hehehe. Yes, nowadays so particular because I wouldn't want to depend on my usage of words, and at the end of the day get disappointed.

Well, I have did some research on pictures-based only! I go awe looking at all of it. I realised one thing, I am in love with the colour of soft pink nowadays. Made me feel at ease when looking at it. Hehehe.

Look at all those pretty looking pink cakes! Make me all excited to actually plan for my own wedding cake! I am still browsing through different vendors, thus I wouldn't want to say much. However I know 3-tier cakes prices ranging from $500 and above. And as a budget pengantin, I am looking for sponsorship for my wedding cakes. hahaha. Who is kind enough to sponsor? I also nak banyak sponsor mcm Fiza O and KC. Hahaha. But since my mother is kind hearted to sponsor half of this, another, half maybe? Haha.

Besides that, below are some inspiration wedding cakes for my boy too. Also, too beautiful that I cannot wait for it!

Look how great the colour combinations are?! How do they even make a cake? I cant even draw a straight line, whats more this kind of cake! I have always think bakers are great people as it isn't only about the taste, its about the exterior designs too nowadays! Oh and one thing, I did went to weddings before, and the exterior may be too pretty but the taste is not as pretty as how I pictured it. So, that's another point to take note of.
I have got a few vendors in mind, which I shall separate from this post as I think this is already a tad too lengthy. Till the next!

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