Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pre Wedding Heads Up

Initially I did not want any pre wedding shoot. But it got me thinking if I don't have any, I need to substitute an idea to put infront of our dais. I know, its not a must, but I like the idea of it. That day would be my day whaaat. I want my face to be everywhere, cannot mehhh? Hehe.

The reason I didn't want to is yet again because of extra expenses. I did not find a need to it la. Its amazing, especially coming from me. You know when I was younger I want a grand wedding. Even when choosing vendors, I thought I wanted those popular ones, don't care la expensive, asalkan glamour. But I soon come to realise, I don't want all that. I just want to be halal with my boy. That is it. I even wanted to cancel all of this and just do a simple solemnisation. But since I am the only princess in my family, I need to jaga hati my parents. And also I am the first cucu to get married within both sides of the family.

Call me lucky, and indeed I think I am. I definitely blessed with great future in laws. Who is always there to support plus ehem, sponsor certain things for myself and my boy itself. So thing is, my future brother in law present us a wedding gift; A Wedding Photographer! Yes, eventhough me and Ramdan already have a fixed one, this one is a definitely a bonus!

Thing is, she is based in KL. Thus, the previous trip for us to KL was to meet her personally. She is indeed a great individual to be with. Like we can click well. We talked a lot, about anything under the sun. So this individual, known as Annette. You can check her facebook page here. Or to her webpage here. Trust me, she takes such beautiful pictures. Not to even mention her clients all are like so atas kinda people. Cartier rings, Minah marry with mat salleh, stewardess la. Then me and the boy, we felt we were out of league lorrr. But no, indeed she assure us we will have fun doing our shoot.

Below are some pictures of her shoots which I personally love.

And she  told us she only started photography due to passion, not business. But her clients all so high class. Because of passion, she really did take great pictures. Honestly, I cant wait for mine. I still have no idea on what photoshoot theme I want to. Well I do have few in mind, but lets just keep it a hush first since I want to give some element of surprise to you readers! hehehe. But good things must share hor! Well, plan is to have our pre wedding shoot by November so that we can settle for other different factors for our wedding. Time is really ticking!

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