Monday, 27 May 2013


My kind of wedding theme for myself and my own bridesmaid. Boots, flowers and dirty places.

Other than the fact I hate to put on heels on my wedding day, I chose boots because I find it more appealing to have a country theme. I want my bridesmaid to feel all the excitement and feel pretty and having the attention to on my day. I dont have tons of girlfriends, you see. But I have in mind a few I want to 'propose' to become my bridesmaid with all expense paid by me of course. And I pray hopefully they accept the proposal! Haha.

For myself, bridesmaid are important. To make my wedding day a smooth journey. I believe in some of the girl friends I have for now that they are excited as me when it comes to wedding. Other than all that, they are the ones I trust and no doubt, ones that I love and have with me by my side.

I basically dont have a theme for my own wedding, because I have yet to decide on a decor service. But hopefully I have one by next year, so I can sort all ideas and a new to do list.

How many organise I have, I think it probably be just for display purposes. I can sit down and think and pen down my thoughts. Haha. So by blogging, I hope it can help me through my preparations and all. Since I am known to be bad at organising for myself, whats more for a wedding! My fiance's side has made tons of preparations much more than I do,to be honest. I must always remind myself of the days we are left, and to do an estimated timeline till end of 2013.

A few more days to a new year, and I hope everyone of you have a good year ahead and enjoy the last bit with tons of love and care shower for you guys. Sidetrack,ehem, and a few days left till yours truly birthday. Hahaha.

Xoxo(kental I know),
Nuyul Aishah

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