Monday, 27 May 2013

Post One

Good morning Friday! Other than the fact, I am feeling kinda shitty and mood-less today, I try to be productive as much as I could. Been sick on and off for past two weeks; probably one of the main reason why I am on a cranky mode. I promise I will sort out ideas for my dream weddings, and put it up here for keep sake.

As many, or probably some may know, I got engaged on the 5th Of May 2012. So basically my happily ever after is slowly starting. I personally despised the idea of some teens may be thinking that engagement is nothing much. It does means a whole lot to me, because firstly, not only it helps you both to secure each other's feeling together, it helps tighten the bond between each family. Like any other princess, I want those important in my life to witness my happy and special moments. Personally, engagement also helps us to secure us, financially. Having to come up with budgets, and whats not need to be set aside for not just wedding, also after marriage as a family.

Truth be told, its not always rainbows and butterflies. But I always believe that every time I have trouble sleeping at night, it is a lesson learnt. I am the simple plain Jane where I think crying your heart is not wrong,if it makes you better and stronger.

I actually wanted to share about what I planned for my brides maid and the groom's bestmen, but since I dont feel all hype right now, I shall do it on the later post. Have a blissful Friday, and enjoy your weekend, beautiful people!

Nuyul Aishah

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