Monday, 27 May 2013

Dance the night away!

Like any mat salleh wedding, I want to do a wedding dance. But being Ramdan, who is overly shy about this idea just because he paiseh, I told him its only once in a life time! So, why not give in all the paiseh-ness he have and dance on our wedding night!

We be having a wedding dinner especially for Ramdan's friends and families over at his place the night after our solemnisation. I am still trying to figure out our itenary for our wedding, though. It all seems so short timed, where I need to organise time for our photo taking too!

Okay back to our wedding dinner;
I am still trying to convince my overly shy fiance to dance for our dinner night. BUT! Yes, theres a but. His family is not having their typical deejay. His family has already booked a pancaragam(?) which is Sri Mahligai for their entertainment side. I am still unsure if they are able to perform songs that I have planned for the dance. I need to find out about that soon, because, we need to practise the dance too. But all is just planning. Because I have this feeling of that there wont be any dance due to many things that could not be achieved on the night itself.

Sidetrack, I am still very much obsessed with wearing boots for our wedding day. Look at how beautiful it is! There was a wedding exhibition over at Singapore Expo over the long weekend, but sadly, I did not go. I am very much mad at the thought of not going due to personal reasons though. I could have add more ideas to my wedding day and probably engage on a decoration service provider.

And to my only one; I am sorry recently I have been throwing numerous of bitch fits and tantrums. You, no doubt, stood by me taking it all in. I shall understand better that you are working your hard ass off for our sake because nowadays you work like 12 hours every single day.  I hope we spend some quality time together soon since it has been so long since we purely just have fun and laugh and the world wait for us.

Lotsa love,
Nuyul Aishah

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