Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hantaran Hati / Exchange Gifts

One of a Malay wedding tradition is the exchanging of goods or gifts between the bride and the groom. This can come in form of food consumption or presents.
In all honesty, I like the idea of it, but modern days are too, what shall I say, demanding? People will look at your gifts for each other. For the typically makciks and pakciks busybody, if its too expensive, it be waste of money. If its too cheap, it be the talk of the wedding. Well, I always live with the saying, “ Do not impress your wedding for others. Do it for yourself.”

For my engagement, I have asked my cousin’s aunt to do the dulangs or the decoration of the exchange gifts. I always have the fear of paying for people to do my work, and not having the results. Everything, even to every vendor that I have chose for my wedding. Well, we can only hope and pray for the best for things to go smoothly and no huge hiccups!

Well, this individual, Cik Kam, how I address her. Her facebook page is here. She did a splendid job on decorating the exchange gifts for my fiancé on my engagement day! It was a real beauty. Simple and somewhat, eye-capturing. Below are the exchange gifts what she did for me to be given to Ramdan. The blue is so soothing to the eyes and I fell in love straight away when I remembered she deliver it straight at my door step. Just look at how beautiful it is, makes me want to go rewind back to my engagement day!

These belows are some cakes, pulut kuning, and other decorations she did before. And I must say, since she does this only for fun, I think its amazing enough it does impress me.


She quoted me at such a reasonable price. I don’t want to disclose since most probably me and her we are family-related. But her package is 10 exchange gifts tray plus 2-3 cakes,cupcakes or fruits! I am sure she is open to public for her beautiful decoration on her service. So if you are interested, do visit her facebook page or you can get her personal number from me!
I am pretty sure she will do a good job on my wedding day for her works! I am so looking forward to it.

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