Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Of Preps and Ideas.

One thing I am very much excited about is my wedding day! Who is not excited, you tell me. By far, plans are already in placed, alhamdulillah. Some of our checklists has already been cleared, which is a very much important thing for us ladies because I fairly think, we have the major responsibility of having things in place, at just the right time.

I personally love the idea or the fact of a Muslim marriage. Where the father's bride, so called passed the responsibility to his son in law. The fact where we know us Muslims cant have any adultery actions with anyone but our own partner which is legal by Muslim law. The tradition of marriage to have our family and friends look at us as the 'king and queen of the day.' The fact that another man is taking over the responsibility of our father.

I have always dream of a perfect wedding. But I am not one who likes to spend too over just to please others' eyes for that one day. Thus, I rather have it simple and sweet. Likewise, its another person's perception how a perfect wedding may seems like. Let's see of what are the main thing me and my fiance had settled with for our wedding in 2014. I know, 2014 seems so long, but I believe it will come sooner than expected.

Bridal Services

We clinched a deal with this Bridal service provider during their exhibition over at Singapore Expo last October. We thought it was fairly a good deal for us,thus agreeing to it since my fiance gave me the green light. Side note, you guys must know my fiance, I shall address him as Ramdan, he is a very choosy person. I will not have a final decision unless he say yes. He has to see thoroughly what each service provider can equipped us then make a decision.

Our bridal service provider is Misyaz Bridal. You can look through their page here. I think fairly based on their portfolios they are reasonably affordable for us and also not to amateur. I am still looking through their page and feedbacks from others via facebook and other social networking sites. I have yet to actually meet them personally at their place for a one to one discussion;which we decide to meet early next year. So, thus I could not say much. Hopefully I have an update in a month time for my bridal service.

Photography & Videography

This, Ramdan is very much particular about. I showed him tons of works from various photographers and videographers, but he took quite a long time to decide on one. He is very much particular about video works. We settled for Diziq Video Motion Pictures. You can find them via facebook here or you want to watch their video motion works here. I personally think their work is quite nice and fine. It is abit pricey, but since Ramdan has decided we take that, we could work something out.

We personally feel photography and videography is an important aspect in our wedding. Thus, we don't mind forking out a little bit more for that part. Since other aspect, we have discounts and lesser price than usuals.


For our dining menu for our two day events, we both are engaging the same caterer; Abdul Rahman Catering or something. I am not that sure of this because fortunately for me, my parents are sponsoring for my food area! Which is a huge relief for me, because this part right here is the main money that's going to be fork out. My future mother in law decided to engage the same, cause the food is delicious and highly recommended but probably just a tad too pricey than the norm.

The other important thing such as decorations, wedding car, wedding cakes and whats not has yet to be confirmed. But I love to share to others about a thing or two, because like a bride to be like myself, it is abit  difficult to actually suit for us Singaporean Malay bride to be. Tons of ideas for my wedding actually; some I hope and pray I have the money and time to make it happen the other is probably just fantasy.

I don't want this to be a bit lengthy post. As I think it is getting too naggy. I shall continue about what I plan or have an idea or two about my wedding dinner! Oh yes, I have a wedding dinner over at Ramdan's side the night after our solemnisation ceremony.

I shall blog soon about some other ideas I have in mind for my wedding. I am still trying to do up a blogskin but all failed. I lost all the touch of making a blog beautiful. This will do for now!

Lotsa love,
Nuyul Aishah

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