Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Settling Down

After being married for almost two months now, I am glad things have fall into places. Like, I was worrying if I will be homesick since I moved out when I got married. first two, three days was indeed abit tough. But I am glad to have a very patient and understanding husband who was there by my side knowing I will be having trouble adjusting to the new environment. But my parents in law have been treating me like their own flesh and blood, blessed!
And I do still miss my family, and I can tear even at the thought of it! Haha, sucha crybaby! Other than settling down ourselves, we finally got our pictures and video of our wedding from our amazing PG/VG, Diziq Vidz Motion Pictures! Too happy, I could cry! Since I already have the beautiful pictures, I will post some of it here!

My bridal room is solely done by my supermom! I handed over everything to her on what she wants to do to my room. And it was indeed too beautiful, just the way I like it! Sides that, not only that I save money, I can always reuse everything that was being used!
Our solemnisation outfits were of our own, sponsored by the brother in law! Simply love how beautiful it turned out to be!

Wedding Car- Lotus Limosine
Nah! Our wedding car! Hehehe, kidding! But this bus is as important as escorting people to our majlis through and fro. But here is our wedding car! 
Riding a limosine onmy wedding day, checked! Hahaha! No, seriously, it wasnt our main plan to actually rent a freaking limosine as our wedding car. It was all impromptu and since we want our groomsmen and bridesmaids to be near to us often, so we decided to transport them with this. 
Somebody tweeted the picture of my wedding car, obviously under my block, haha, and I saw it went kinda viral with the number of retweets! Hehehe. But honestly, I was very pleased with the service from Lotus Limo. From the very friendly salesperson, Angela. To our driver for both days, which I apparently forgotten his name! He was truly patient and accomodating to our needs and those makciks, pakciks, adik sedare who wants to post inside the limo! Hahaha. But overall we were so happy with our choice of our wedding car! 
Also, having a few person personally messaging me and the boy on the limo even after weeks after our wedding! 

You can check them out here! 

Entertainment - MIS Entertainment & Events

Here's one of our picture taken by the amazing people from MIS Entertainment & Events on our wedding day. Yes, we were forced to sing, whichis totally a bad idea! Hahaha! 
Side that, Kak Lia, from MIS Entertainment was fast in responding my needs. Also, I know of some deejays or emcee being boring and making the guests feel bored. But MIS certainly did not. Love how they interacted with the guests, us and everybody around! 

You can check out the amazing crews, here!

So now that our wedding is over, next up is our love nest! Insya'allah we will be collecting it at the forth quarter of this year. We have choosen our Interior Designer and contractor and all. So we are just waiting for the keys! I still cant believe it that clock is ticking way too fast!


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  1. What a lovely couple! The photos show how much you love each other. Your wedding is one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've seen. Your clothes are as fabulous as the limo you got. Hahaha! I'm so happy for you, guys. Thanks for sharing all about that wonderful moment! All the best!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limousine of Indianapolis